Current information: Due to the corona crisis, no courses/examinations with physical presence will be held at the University of Vienna during the entire summer semester (apart from a few exceptions).Teaching will be changed to "home-learning" (especially with the use of e-learning).

Information on exams of the following lectures:

  • VO Basic Finance I
    (informationen on registration for the lecture and the exam, examination dates)

Information on the current exams from Basics of Finance and Decisions under Uncertainty will be announced in Moodle courses. Please register for the lectures to get access to the Moodle courses. The VO Basics of Finance exam in June will be a presence exam and the exams in September will probably be presence exams as well.

  • Master's examination Minor Banking and Finance: Literature list includes all contents of the completed courses. See Syllabi.
  • Master's examination Master Banking and Finance: Literature list includes all contents of the completed courses. See Syllabi.

>> General information on the registration for examinations

For continuous assessment courses (KU, UK, SE, PR) dates for exams and other requirements are announced in the courses.

Information on exams of lectures (VO):

  • A VO (lecture) is a non-continuous assessment course.
    It is not necessary to register for the course. But to get access to the eLearning-platform (Moodle)  you have to register for the lecture via u:space.
    From winter term 2018, registration for the lecture will be open during the entire semester.
  • Grading is based on one single exam.
    For each lecture 4 examination dates are offered among which you may choose.
  • Registration for the exam via u:space is required!
    Please mind registration and deregistration periods.
  • The 4th examination attempt is carried out before an examination committee. Students need to register at the SSC via email during the registration period. The SSC will register the student for that particular exam date. The grading is done by the committee. The grade will be registered in the system by the SSC after having received the minutes of the examination.