Master's Examination

The final examination is an oral examination held before a committee of three examiners: the thesis supervisor, a second examiner, and a chairperson. The assessment consists of a defense of the master's thesis and an examination on topics related to the thesis. The examination committee awards a single grade after the end of the examination. 

  1. You first need to find a second examiner. Please discuss your choice with your thesis supervisor. Contact your examiners to discuss the topics that will be relevant for your exam.
  2. Please send the completed "Final Exam Registration" form (with supervisor and second examiner names, and the name of the chairperson if you can) by email to the Finance Office and indicate three possible date options (suggestion:  doodle poll with supervisor and second examiner) in case we have to find a chairperson for your exam. The above mentioned form should be sent to us at least four weeks before the scheduled examination date, preferably even earlier.
  3. As soon as the examination committee is complete and the date fixed, you will be informed by the Finance Office. Afterwards please send the completed "Application for Admission" and "Final Exam Registration" forms at least three weeks before the scheduled date by email to the SSC.

Please find the above-mentioned forms under the following link (application for admission and final exam registration):

Information at the website of the SSC: