Master's Examination

The final examination is an oral examination held before an examination committee consisting of three examiners: the thesis supervisor, a second examiner, and a chairperson. The examination consists of a defense of the master's thesis and an examination on areas related to the thesis. The examination committee awards a single grade for the defense. 

  1. You first need to find a second examiner. Please discuss your choice with your supervisor. Contact your examiners to discuss the topics that will be relevant for your exam.

    The chairperson for the exam will typically be assigned by the SSC. However, you can also choose your own chairperson if you prefer.
  2. Coordinate on an exam date with the members of your exam committee. (This can be done efficiently by preparing a Doodle poll.)
  3. As soon as you have scheduled an exam date, please inform the Department of Finance’s office ( about your upcoming exam and have them register it in the system (and book a room, if necessary).
  4. Finally, you have to fill out the registration form for the master's examination as well as the application form for your graduation. You can find these forms at the download center of the SSC:

    Please make sure to submit these documents to the SSC at least three weeks prior to your exam date. If you prefer the SSC to assign a chairperson for your exam, you can submit your registration form without naming a chairperson.


>> Download guidelines

>> Information on the website of the StudiesServiceCenter on the master's examniation and graduation