VO ABWL Finanzwirtschaft I

  • The lecture VO ABWL Finanzwirtschaft I is a non-continuous assessment course.
    It is not necessary to register for the class itself. But to get access to the eLearning-platform (moodle) you have to register for the lecture via u:space.
    From winter term 2018, registration for the lecture will be open during the entire semester.
    However, you have to register for the exam.
  • There are 6 exam dates offered every year in January/beginning of February, end of  February/March, May, June, September/October, and November. You can register for any date if the following citeria are fulfilled:
  • You can take the exam in March, May and September/October, November only if you have been admitted to the University of Vienna in the previous semester.
  • Registration and deregistration is possible until 2 days before the examination.
    The number of the exam is: 04-2964 course exam 
    If you don't show up for the exam day, you are not allowed to take the exam at the subsequent date.
    >> Information at the website of the service unit Teaching Affairs and Student Services
  • The 4th examination attempt is carried out before an examination committee. Students need to register at the SSC via email during the registration period. The SSC will register the student for that particular exam date. The grading is done by the committee (Prof. Gaunersdorfer, Prof. Keber and Prof. Borrmann). The grade will be registered in the system by the SSC after having received the minutes of the examination.
  • Hints for students who take the examiniation at the beginning of the summer term (end of Feb/beginning of March) or at the beginning of the winter term (Sept/Oct):
    Since the winter term  2016/2017 every semester one of the courses UK Basic Finance II is held as a blocked course to enable students who pass the exam at the beginning of the semester to take the UK Basic Finance II in that semester. (See annoncement in u:find). This procedure is coordinated with SPL Prof. Schafferhauser-Linzatti.

If the "Corona" situation permits, examinations will again be held on site. Please pay attention to the announcement.

Examination dates see u:find