Vienna Data Center

The Department has set up a faculty wide data basis in 2011 and managed access to the various providers of content until 2016. This administrative work was performed by Thomas Gehrig and our former postdoc Maria Chiara Iannino.

The Wharton Research Data Centre WRDS was used as the platform for data handling and data content was offered by Capital IQ, Compustat, CRSP, Datastrem, SNL and Thomson Reuter. With the hiring of Nikolaus Hautsch a university-wide Vienna Data Center (VDC) was founded und funded by extra funds provided by the University. Hence, in 2016 the data content was transferred to the VDC freeing up substantial departmental resources invested for general faculty service provision. The WRDS platform was substituted by an internally programmed platform at the VDC.

The VDC manages economic and socio-scientific data and provides technical infrastructure.