KU Investment Banking


The aim of the course Investment Banking is to provide insights into selected strategies and / or transactional situations as well as about the industry in general. Among the subjects covered are:

  • Initial Public Offering
  • Fixed Income Offering
  • Restructuring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Learning approach and learning outcomes

The lecture is taught using an interactive approach, combining lecture, presentations as well as case studies. Prior to the sessions, students are required to submit mandatory hand-ins, which will be explained in further detail below.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss trends affecting the investment banking industry and assess implications
  • Understand major investment banking products and services
  • Explain how the investment industry and the capital markets interact
  • Understand internal procedures and decision making to deliver such products and services
  • Appreciate the various dimensions of the client interface
  • Describe dimensions of performance and risk
  • Describe the impact of financial innovation, advances in technology, and changes in regulations has had on the structure and dynamics of the investment banking industry

Course description

The course will provide an overview about typical transaction-related situations in the investment banking industry. Thereby you will either assume the perspective of a bank or a bank's client: We will discuss transactions in the areas of - among others - equity and debt capital markets, M&A, and restructuring all with a focus on the case study format. Please note that the case studies used in the course have to purchased by students on the website of Harvard Business School Publishing.

Participation and grading

Full and timely involvement by actively participating in class as well as the delivery of the mandatory hand-ins will be graded.

Mandatory submissions (Hand-ins)

The mandatory hand-ins should enable students to profit as much as possible from the course by aiding their preparation for class and deepening their understanding of the content. The hand-ins are also the basis for a brief in-class presentation. Please refer to the course materials for the specific structural and organisational requirements of the hand-ins.