Elective Module Banking and Financial Markets

Within the Master's programme in Applied Economics, students may choose the elective module "Banking and Financial Markets" (20 ECTS points). All courses within this module are held in English.

The aim of this module is to provide a solid and well-founded understanding of the banking sector and financial markets.


Structure of the Module

Compulsory Courses

  • VO Basics of Finance (2 hpw, 4 ECTS, npi, WS)
  • VO Decisions under Uncertainty, (2 hpw, 4 ECTS, npi, WS)
  • Electives from the fields of economics and finance  (12 ECTS), e.g.
    • KU Asset Pricing 1 (2 hpw, 4 ECTS, pi)
    • KU Banking and Financial Intermediation 1 (2 hpw, 4 ECTS, pi)
    • KU Corporate Finance 1 (2 hpw, 4 ECTS, pi)
    • KU International Macroeconomics (4 hpw, 8 ECTS, pi)
    • UK Money and Banking (2 hpw, 4 ECTS, pi)
    • KU Econometric Programming in Economics (2 hpw, 4 ECTS, pi)
    Avalaible courses are announced in the online course directory.

(hpw = hours per week; (n)pi = (non-)continuous assessment course)