Special Topics in Banking and Finance: Risk and Insurance

Part of the Required Elective Module ("Alternatives Pflichtmodul") Banking and Finance.

Aims, contents and method of the course

After completion of the course, students should have obtained knowledge of 

  • factors shaping the risk environment internationally,
  • enterprise risk management in a global economy,
  • and insurance in a global economy.

Methods of conveying the content

There will be presentations. In addition, course participants need to read several book chapters.

Assessment and permitted materials

Way of efficiency control: Oral and written

Allowed auxiliary means: For the homework assignment, computers, books, articles, and other sources can be used.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Attendance check: Participants have to attend every class meeting and need to sign on the attendance lists.

Composition of the final grade: The final grade depends on:

  • the student's presentation (1/3),
  • his/her written answers to several questions (1/3), and
  • the student's active participation in class (1/3).

Minimum requirements for a positive grade: 50 percent of the maximum score