Conferences and Workshops which have been organized by our department:

  • Gutmann Symposia 
    Once a year the Gutmann Center for Portfolio Management organizes an international symposium with an emphasis on topics related to portfolio management. 
  • VSAM Vienna Symposia on Asset Management
    Semiannually our department organizes jointly with the ZZ Vermögensverwaltung a symposium on asset management which is held at the Palais Coburg.
    Previous symposia:
    • Predictability in Asset Price Dynamics (Dezember 2007)
    • International Bond Markets (July 2007)
    • Private Equity (December 2006)
    • International Capital Flows (July 2006) 
  • Workshop on Private and Public Resolutions of Financial Distress (June 1-2, 2007, IHS, jointly with VGSF) 
  • The VGSF & NHH Skinance Workshop 2007 (March 19-21, 2007, Lech, Austria) 
  • The Second MTS Conference on Financial Markets: The Organisation and Performance of Fixed-Income Markets (December 16-18, 2004)
  • BSI GAMMA Foundation Conference on "Corporate Governance" (November 11, 2004)
  • 16th Workshop of the Austrian Working Group on Banking and Finance (Novemeber 29-30, 2002)
  • 8th Annual Meeting of the German Finance Association (Octover 5, 2001)
    (Keynote speech of Prof. William F. Sharpe, Nobel Laureate in Economics) 
  • Symposium on Technological and Institutional Change in Financial Intermediation, October 6.
  • 24th Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association (Vienna, August 1997)
  • 6th Workshop of the Austrian Working Group on Banking and Finance (BWZ, November 11-12, 1994)