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International Public Utility Management


The module is split into two courses:

  • Advanced Course in iPUM, 4ECTS, only winter term, and
  • iPUM Seminar, 4 ECTS, only winter term.

It focuses on international developments in infrastructure industries such as energy, transport, postal services, telecommunications, and water. These industries have undergone considerable changes, thereby revolutionizing companies’ management strategies.

Today, companies in infrastructure industries are a far cry from the old nationalized champions of the post world war era, often operating globally over an entire range of infrastructure industries.

Thus, the main idea is to introduce students to the infrastructure of the 21st century and to the management strategies available in such an international environment as well as to the complementing regulatory regimes.

The module is especially aimed at students with a keen interest in infrastructure, regulation and utilities, and those considering pursuing a career in these industries, or regulatory and governmental bodies.


Language of instruction



040885 VK IM: International Public Utility Management, English, winter term

The main objective of this course is to develop students’ awareness for the particularities of international companies in the public sector, which are essential for management. Due to progressive deregulation and privatisation, utility companies have become more and more international moving away from the previously well-established national and monopolistic character.

Selected topics include the following:

  • Divestiture of public enterprises and the emergence of international infrastructure corporations
  • Pricing of public utility services
  • The role of competition for managing multinational utilities
  • Managing international infrastructure corporations in the light of changing global market conditions

040733 SE IM: International Public Utility Management, English, winter term

In this seminar, students are encouraged to deepen the knowledge they obtained in the Advanced Course in iPUM. In particular, they are given the opportunity to use the concepts they are familiar with to analyze international companies. A strong focus is on significant current developments experienced in the field of international energy, telecommunications and transportation (such as Skype, open sky agreements,…).



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