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International Financial Management EK+VK

International Financial Management covers various areas of finance that are linked to international business activities. The VK International Financial Management complements the EK International Financial Management. Students should attend these two courses in the same semester.


This module is divided into two main parts. The first part aims to introduce the students to the institutional environment of the Foreign Exchange Markets, currency forwards and option contracts.

The second part focuses on the management of financial exposure and swap contracts. It further discusses FDI and international capital markets, capital structure and cost of capital.

It is highly recommendable to attend both parts, and the attendance to the EK part is a pre-requisite for the second part (VK).


Completion of the ABWL Modul IV (Finanzwirtschaft) and motivation to work in a quantitatively oriented field.

Method of the course

The course is based on 3 hours of lectures and seminars a week. The theoretical contents will be developed in the first part of the lecture, while the remaining time will be dedicated to exercises and case studies.


First part:

Introduction of International Financial Management
Exchange Rates
Currency derivatives
Capital structure

Second part:

Forecasting Exchange Rates
International capital markets
Measureing and Hedging exposure to Exchange Rates fluctuations
Foreign direct investment and long term financing
Country risk analysis


  • Eun, Resnick and Sabherwal, "International Finance" (global edition), Mc Graw hill, 6th edition (selected chapters)
  • Madura and Fox, "International Financial Management", South-Western Cengage learning, 2nd edition (selected chapters)
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