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Courses offered in English for the Master Programs

From the 2016/17 academic year, our Faculty will offer the specialized

Master's Programme in "Banking & Finance"

It is an English-speaking program.


The department also offers courses for the master's programmes in Business Administration and International Business Administration.
The courses may also be chosen within the master's programme in Economics and the expiring master's programme in Economics, Management and Finance.

For all courses see the Online Course Directory


Minor Banking and Finance (20 ECTS)

(master's programmes in Business Administration and International Business Administration)

Compulsory Courses:

  • VO Basics in Finance (2 SSt, 4 ECTS, npi)
  • KU Asset Pricing 1 (2 SSt, 4 ECTS, pi)
  • KU Banking and Financial Intermediation 1 (2 SSt, 4 ECTS, pi)
  • KU Corporate Finance 1 (2 SSt, 4 ECTS, pi)

These courses are offered every winter tern in English.

The courses Basics in Finance and Asset Pricing will be offered from the winter term 2017/18. In the academic year 2016 we offer the course Principles of Finance which is recognized for these coures.


Students have to chose electives of 4 ECTS.

Students may chose among financial coures offered within the financial specializations (KFKs) for the cirricula of 2006 or within the Master Program Banking and Finance (from the winter termn 2017/18).

Major Public and Non-Profit Management I + II (40 ECTS)

(master's program in Business Administration)

Specializations in the Master's Programmes in
Business Administration and International Business Administration
(Curricula 2006)

Our department coordinates the following specializations (Kernfachkombinationen, KFK):

List of courses held in English

(hpw = hours per week)

courses held in English by other departments:

  • Financial Econometrics (8 ECTS, 4 hpw, summer semester)
  • Game Theory and Industrial Organization  (4hpw, winter semester)
    (Department of Economics)

For our complete teaching programme please see our German webpage.

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