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Exams for non-continuous assessment classes

From winter term 14/15 onwards EK FIWI ABWL courses are no longer continuous-assessment classes. Since summer term it is called VO ABWL Finanzwirtschaft I.

It is no longer necessary to register for the class itself. There are 6 exam dates a year offered in January, March, May, June, October and November. You could register for all dates, but for the dates in March, May and October, November you have been admitted at the University the semester before.

However you have to register for the exam. Registering is possible until 2 days before the examination. You have to select the following exam:

Starting with 19.6.2015
Curriculum 2011 and Curriculum 2014: 04-2964 LVA-Prüfung

The end to deregister is two days before the exam day. If you don´t appear on the exam day, you can´t register for an exam date the next 8 weeks!

It is not possible to do Fiwi I and II in one semester:
If you do your exam in the beginning of the semester (date March or Oktober) it is not possible to change to the ABW Finanzwirtschaft II course in the same semester.

Lecture   Number  Name of the lectureDate of the   Exam     Registration Period   


VO Finanzwirtschaft 
ABWL I/EK ABWL Finanzwirtschaft
1. Date SS 2016
Fr, 10.06.2016

08:00-09:30 Uhr
HS 1,4,6
25.05. - 08.06.16


VO Finanzwirtschaft 
ABWL I/EK ABWL Finanzwirtschaft
2. Date SS 2016
Fr, 07.10.2016

11:30-13:00 Uhr
HS 1,4,6

21.09. - 05.10.16


VO Finanzwirtschaft 
ABWL I/EK ABWL Finanzwirtschaft

3. Date SS 2016
Fr, 02.11.2016

13:15-14:45 Uhr
HS 1,4,6

16.11. - 30.11.16

For the 4th attempt (conducted by commission) students need to register at the SSC via e-mail. The SSC will register the student for a particular exam date. Register- and deregister dates will be set in accordance to non-commission exam dates. In this exam the final decision will be made by a commission (Prof. Gaunersdorfer, Prof. Keber and Prof. Borrmann). The SSC will enter the result into the system after the exam. 

040003 UK ABWL Finanzwirtschaft II

e-Testing (eKKS/ePFMs/online exam) - Information about registration

Online examinations and online exercise take place through the e-Testing platform etesting@wiwi which is accessible at http://etesting.univie.ac.at. Your username is your Student-ID Nr. (e.g. 8105122).  If you haven't been working e-Testing yet, your password will be "none". If you have already used this platform and changed your password, you have to enter your new password respectively.

The text of the exam can be firstly seen only 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the exam. Please, take notice that short time delay during the signing up might occur. Wait until the examination window opens.

Please contact for further information our TA´s vkfiwi@univie.ac.at

Grading of the course

There is no change at FIWI II concerning the registration and grading methods (=“prüfungsimmanente Lehrveranstaltung”) so if you do the exam the 4th time, everything is as it is usually the case.

Dates for KFK examinations

KFKDate of examinationtime

KFK Corporate Finance

 >> Exam Information

8th March 2017


KFK Financial Markets and
KFK Financial Institution

(The exams have to be done in English)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

 >> Exam Information

KFK Financial ServicesThe KFK is not offered anymore.


KFK Public Utility Management

Please contact Prof. Jörg Borrmann.

Please register in time at the WIWI-Service after finishing all five units of courses in order to get the certificate.

Students who want to take part in the examination should send an e-mail to the secretary to register for the exam (possible until 3 days prior to the exam). Also, please register via UNIVIS or U:SPACE.

Secretary for Corporate Finance: Mirzana Muharemagic
Secretary for Finanzmärkte and Finanzinstitutionen: Sigrid Hopf

Important: Hand in your papers to the SSC at least 14 days before the exam and bring along the stamped certificate form from the WIWI-Service!

Specializations (Kernfachkombinationen)

Beginning with the summer term 2014 there will be small changes regarding the electives of the specializations Financial Markets and Financial Institutions

See detailed information on the KFKs
detailed information as pdf

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