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Brown Bag Seminar

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Seminars in Summer Term 2016

6. April 2016, Wed., 11:30-13:00, OMPl SR 13

Maria Chiara Iannino (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
"Did the Basel process of capital regulation enhance the resiliency of European banks?" (with T. Gehrig)

27. April 2016, Wed., 11:30-13:00, OMPl SR 13

Özlem Dursun-de Neef
(Aarhus University)

"The causal relationship between bank capital and loan supply" (with A. Schandlbauer)

4. May 2016, Wed., 11:30-13:00, OMPl SR 13

Rene Levinsky (Max Planck Institute of Economics)

"Gains from trade and prices in an electronic call auction with insider trading -- An experimental analysis"

11. May 2016, Wed., 11:45-12:45, OMPl SR 13

Diemo Dietrich (Newcastle University)

"On interbank borrowing and lending between financially constrained banks" (with A. Hauck)

25. May 2016, Wed., 11:30-13:00, OMPl SR 13

Marianne Andries (Toulouse School of Economics)

"Asset Pricing with Horizon-Dependent Risk Aversion" (with Thomas Eisenbach and Martin Schmalz)
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